Social Media Strategy

Battersea Communities is a community group made up of local residents and concerned citizens from the Battersea area. The group includes people from St Mary’s Church and Sacred Heart Church, and others from a mix of faith and non-faith backgrounds all drawn together by their care for the area, the Common Good, and the desire to improve community life.

Total length of project: 25-30 hours

St. Mary’s Battersea are looking for support bringing together an overall social media strategy for the various services on different platforms. Projects include, Coronavirus Angels (some set up complete), community shop, and the campaign for a new local community centre. St. Mary’s would aslo like help setting up new accounts and linking them together through 3rd party software such as buffer. Following this, the volunteer will support with setting up a simple but effective social media plan which can be easily taken up by future volunteers.

For this role we are looking for individuals skilled in social media, who are able to plan long term (structural and strategic) and short term (quick wins) effectively.

If you have already registered to our services, or if you have any questions about the role, contact directly.