Clive & Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye needed accounting and business support to decide on the most appropriate legal structure they should adopt in order to continue and expand their activities. Eye to Eye is a community group that provides theatre based workshops for young refugees in South London, developing their English skills, confidence, creativity and problem solving ability whilst remedying social isolation.

I believe that the project will more likely be established as a result of the advice I offered. I believe Link UP London has a role as an intermediary putting people wishing to start a business in touch with those who can help them achieve that objective

CliveLink UP Volunteer

The Problem

Following over a year of operating with an informal structure Eye to Eye founders, Rachel and Elsa, were ready to formalise their programme for children and prepare for grant applications. In order to make these changes, they needed to ensure they had a formal business structure which was as tax effective as possible and their articles of association accurately represented their intent. 

The Solution

With decades of experience as a tax accountant, Clive was able to clearly advise on the merits of different company structures as well as explaining relevant accounting, tax and Companies House requirements. He also helped the organisation to understand the importance of profitability and cash flow. He prepared relevant documentation in advance and offered informed responses to their specific questions in the face to face meeting. Clive also provided a number of printed materials and online links that would support their planning and decision making process. 

The Result

Eye to Eye felt better informed and were able to review and analyse their options in an efficient and focused manner. 

“We will be able to set up the company and understand the impact of our choices. And make sure we're following the correct legal procedure. Link UP London has enabled us to set up our business legally and with way less stress”

Eye to Eye

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