Corporate Skilled Volunteering

Mobilise your employees’ talents through Corporate Skilled Volunteering

Keen to give back to London communities? Looking to engage with locally based charitable organisations on important projects? Want to provide meaningful Skilled Volunteering opportunities for your employees?

Link UP London's Social Impact Solutions can help. 

With Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG moving up the corporate agenda, more businesses are looking to employee volunteering as a way to develop their employee base and have an impact in their community. We know many businesses of all shapes and sizes in London would like to further their social value but can often struggle to source, structure, and monitor the impact of meaningful Corporate Skilled Volunteering for their staff.

But we also know there is mounting evidence demonstrating that volunteering improves employee satisfaction, retention, leadership and skills – and likewise plenty of evidence to suggest that Skilled Volunteering makes a measurable impact on charitable organisations that would otherwise lack key skills and expertise to grow.

Get it right, and Corporate Skilled Volunteering is a triple win: for corporates and businesses, for employees, and for London communities.

How Link UP's Social Impact Solutions can help

We make skilled volunteering easy and rewarding

We have proven experience in matching skills with the needs of charitable organisations and have done this in over 300 projects across London.

Through measuring the impact of our work, we know that these projects improve volunteers’ sense of purpose, connectivity, well-being and skills development.

We understand the needs of charitable organisations

Link UP has supported over 200 charitable organisations, working closely with them to identify the skills they need to maximise their impact in the community.

90% of the organisations we support address issues of vulnerability, marginalization and poverty.

We ensure results are tracked and impact is communicated

All of Link UP’s projects and volunteer time allocated, are clearly defined and impact is measured.

The value from every project can be reported back to those involved and can be used to communicate the change being made.

Right at the heart of making successful Corporate Skilled Volunteering connections is Link UP London's Social Impact Solutions. At Link UP we’ve built significant expertise connecting London-based charitable organisations with Skilled Volunteers. We have completed several hundred successful Skilled Volunteering Projects, since 2016.

Link UP focuses directly on the professional skills that London corporates and businesses have in abundance. Our short-term, structured engagements support charitable organisations to tackle challenges, identify new opportunities and improve efficiency.


Structured single day engagements to share expertise and provide facilitated guidance to charitable organisations around a key development challenge


A time-limited 2 hour ‘advice clinic’ providing guidance to a group of charitable organisations


Signature programme of deeper, structured engagements with charitable organisations ranging from 3 to 4 months

We make it easy to unlock meaningful Corporate Skilled Volunteering engagements

What people say

I really enjoyed it, it was a great use of my volunteer time. It provided the opportunity to try new things. The people I met were lovely. The process was really clear and helpful. I would do it again and would recommend it.

Great way to use my volunteer hours!

Great opportunity to play a different role than I usually do and try new things. The team was amazing. I would definitely do it again.

Nice to do something different and have a chance to create a solution. Great opportunity to lead a project end to end.

I loved meeting the organisation, giving advice and learning about what they do. I liked the efficiency of the session.

Really good fun, short but impactful time commitment.

Let’s start talking!

We know that every business has different needs and interests, so we will work closely with you to design a customised programme that is right for achieving your business’s social impact goals and tailored to the skills of your employees.

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