Corporate Skilled Volunteering

Be part of a new era of purpose-driven social change

Is your company truly committed to improving its social impact? Do you lack the time and resources to implement a purpose-driven employee volunteer programme? Do you want to boost employee engagement, wellbeing and skills development while at the same time making a significant positive impact in your community?

If yes, then the good news is we can help!

We know that a well-planned corporate volunteer programme can be a real win-win. They can simultaneously:

  • Make valuable use of your employee’s specialist skills and foster a sense of employee wellbeing, purpose, connection and skills development, and
  • Create measurable impact for your company and important benefits for the charitable organisations supported.

How Link UP can help

Since 2016, Link UP has been matching professional skills with London-based charitable organisations on short-term, structured projects focused on improving organisational efficiency, growth and development.

We make skilled volunteering easy and rewarding!

We have proven experience in matching skills with the needs of charitable organisations and have done this in over 280 projects across London.

Through measuring the impact of our work, we know that these projects improve volunteers’ sense of purpose, connectivity, well-being and skills development.

We understand the needs of charitable organisations and support issues of major concern

Link UP has supported over 180 charitable organisations, working closely with them to identify the skills they need to maximise their impact in the community.

90% of the organisations we support address issues of vulnerability, marginalization and poverty.

We ensure results are tracked and impact is communicated

All of Link UP’s projects and volunteer time allocated, are clearly defined and impact is measured.

The value from every project can be reported back to those involved and can be used to communicate the change being made.


What people say

I really enjoyed it, it was a great use of my volunteer time. It provided the opportunity to try new things. The people I met were lovely. The process was really clear and helpful. I would do it again and would recommend it.

Great way to use my volunteer hours!

Great opportunity to play a different role than I usually do and try new things. The team was amazing. I would definitely do it again.

Nice to do something different and have a chance to create a solution. Great opportunity to lead a project end to end.

I loved meeting the organisation, giving advice and learning about what they do. I liked the efficiency of the session.

Really good fun, short but impactful time commitment.

Let’s start talking!

We know that every company has different needs and interests, so we will work closely with you to design a programme that is right for achieving your company and employee’s social impact goals.

Contact Us

Link UP London CIC works with London-based companies that want to make a real difference, are interested in their employees wellbeing and that align with our values.

All profit generated is invested back into our work with charitable organisations in London’s communities.

Please note: We define skilled volunteering as using professional skills to help charitable organisations to grow, develop and be more efficient so that they can reach more people and bring about greater change in the communities in which they work. Our volunteers help develop the internal capacity of the charitable organisation. On a Link UP project you do not engage in frontline service provision.