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Why choose Corporate Skilled Volunteering?

All forms of volunteering can be an enriching experience and provide valuable support for the charitable organisation. Over 70% of charities report that they are looking for support in areas of strategic and operational importance, such as marketing, strategy development, tech development and HR.

Corporate Skilled Volunteering not only helps charities access needed expertise but also helps employees to enhance existing technical and professional skills. They will also develop new capabilities and soft skills that they can bring back into your business, including teamwork, leadership, communication and creativity.

Social Impact Solutions: Our approach

We know the needs and objectives of corporates interested in engaging their employee talent in Corporate Skilled Volunteering can vary, which is why we have developed a number of offerings as part of Social Impact Solutions.

These offerings are adapted from our long-running services and allow us to harness the skills within the corporate space for community benefit, while providing corporate employees with meaningful ways to share their skills in a clear, structured way. All options are scalable to fit the size and objectives of your company.

Providing bespoke engagements

With Social Impact Solutions, our goal is to provide bespoke, customised Corporate Skilled Volunteering engagements for small groups of up to 40 employees. All our engagements incorporate team-building aspects and can accommodate diverse groups of employee volunteers – different levels, different functions, or whole teams – from across companies.

Link UP can craft a comprehensive programme of activity for our corporate partners which may include multiple offerings over a longer period of time to accommodate a varying number of employees. Social Impact Solution corporate partners can engage in one of the below or create a full programme of activity by combining multiple offerings.

Social Impact Solutions: Our offerings

For each corporate partner, we start with a scoping conversation to determine your key drivers for participation and ensure that we design engagements based on these. At the end of each engagement we share impact made on the community and employees involved.

Be The Change Programme

Our flagship Skilled Volunteering Programme. Employees work in small teams to support charitable organisations to tackle a specific challenge through short-term, structured projects.


3-4 months

Key Benefit 

Employees develop a deep relationship with the community and see the results of contributing their skills over several months.

Flash Consulting

Short, high-impact ‘advice clinic’ consulting events. These 1-2-1 sessions match employees with charitable organisations to provide advice and guidance on a specific skill area.


2-hour event

Key Benefit

Provides valuable and targeted impact from limited employee time.

Marathon Day

One-day events bringing multiple charities and teams of employees together.Small groups of employees support one charitable organisation each to work through a specific challenge (similar to a ‘hackathon’).


4-6 hour event

Key Benefit 

Provides concentrated support for a charity with a ‘team’ of employees volunteering together.


With our structured, fully moderated, high-value Social Impact Solutions, we are fulfilling a key need in the Corporate Skilled Volunteering area on behalf of our corporate partners that is not widely available elsewhere.

As Link UP London is a not-for-profit organisation, we do require a minimal investment from our Corporate Partners to organise and facilitate any of the Social Impact Solutions engagements.  Each engagement requires time and resource from the Link UP London team to manage; the fees charged ensure Link UP London can continue to serve as many SGOs as possible across all of our Skilled Volunteering programming.

The price of the Social Impact Solutions engagement will vary according to the scale and objectives of Corporate Skilled Volunteering required by an individual corporate partner.

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation discovery chat that will help you define the most appropriate customised programme for your company.

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Donation and Partnership acceptance statement

We monitor donations and corporate partnerships for compliance and risk. We are committed to good practice and undertake to comply with relevant law and regulations, including the Proceeds of Crime Act, Data Protection and Tax and Gift Aid legislation. Final decisions may be made by the Board of Directors. It is our Board’s obligation to act in the best long-term interest of the organisation and to act prudently when deciding to accept or refuse partnerships and voluntary contributions. The Board will refuse a gift if it can reasonably conclude that its acceptance would be more likely to be detrimental to the organisation than its refusal.


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