CRM Consultant (Automation & Integrations)

Link UP London connects volunteers willing to share their professional skills with local charities, community groups and social enterprises to make a real difference in their communities. All of our projects are structured and time-bound *like the one you are currently reading*.

Total length of project: 20 hours over 1 month

We are need of review our CRM (ActiveCampaign), in order to make it more fit for purpose. ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool, and we know, as a team, that we do not make the most of the features it has. A focus for us at this stage is how we can make automations work in our favour as we look to expand. We would also like to link automations to connected apps such as Google Forms, booking software, and others in order to improve the efficiency of our work!

We are looking, ideally, for a volunteer with direct experience with ActiveCampaign who can understand the need of organisations and advise and support setting up relevant changes to the software.

If you have already registered to our services, or if you have any questions about the role, contact directly.