Becoming an AI Confident Charity

Tim Cook
Wed 26 June 24 - 12:00 - 13:00

Tim Cook

Founder, AIConfident

‘Becoming an AI Confident Charity’

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at the moment, but what does it mean for charities like yours? What is actually happening and why is it transformative? How can you make sure that you’re taking advantage of the opportunities that AI presents… safely?  How might AI-related harms impact on your mission, values, and the community that you serve? Helping us address all these questions and concerns is AI expert Tim Cook.

During this interactive session Tim will give you a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and risks around AI.

Whether you’re an AI optimist and want to know how to get going, or are a bit more sceptical and want to know how to approach this technology safely, this session is for you! In particular, you’ll get:

  • a better understanding of how AI technologies are impacting the world around us, why everyone is suddenly talking about them, and what it means for charities.
  • Some principles for getting started with deploying AI responsibly in small charities
  • Some simple prompt suggestions to get you going

Specifically tailored for small charities, with some interactive tasks and simple take-aways, Tim will help you get going in a safe and responsible way.

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About Tim

Tim is the founder of AIConfident, a social enterprise that exists to ensure the AI revolution is equitable. AIConfident works with leaders of not-for-profits, schools and SME’s to enable them to make the most of AI-related changes, while also managing the risks of potential new harms.

Tim spent over a decade working on AI in Government, including 4 years leading the Government’s Office for AI. AIConfident combines this AI expertise with leadership coaching and change management approaches to help leaders to navigate AI-related change with confidence.

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