Bringing Your Values Out to Play

Debra Corey
Thu 23 May 24 - 12:00 - 13:00

Debra Corey

HR Consultant

‘Bringing Your Values Out to Play’

Charities are all about purpose, using it as the call to action for your organisation and people. But just as important are your organisational values, guiding your people in the actions and behaviours that will best help you achieve your purpose. For this reason, getting your values right is critical, ensuring you have the right ones and that they are brought ‘out to play’ time and time again to keep your people and organisation on track.

This is where Debra Corey, author of best-selling book “Bringing Your Values Out to Play” can help.  In this session Debra will share strategies, solutions and best practices that you can take back to your charity to ensure you have the “right” values and that you’re using them in the most meaningful and effective ways.

Packed with tips and real-life stories from companies from around the world, you’ll walk away inspired and ready to bring your own organisation’s values “out to play”.

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About Debra Corey

Debra Corey is a highly experienced and award-winning HR consultant, world-class speaker, and six-time best-selling author who has been named as one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers multiple times. After over 20 years working for global companies, she now ‘pays it forward’ by inspiring and helping others develop and deliver people and culture strategies and initiatives in a rebellious way, pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo to truly drive employee engagement and business performance.

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