Efficient Content Marketing Strategy: get your audience to take action

Gus Bhandal
Wed 12 Jul 23 - 12:00 - 13:00

Gus Bhandal

The M Guru

Efficient Content Marketing Strategy: get your audience to take action

The rate of growth in digital marketing has accelerated in recent years.  There are so many mediums, so many channels, and so many ways to reach your audience.  Ultimately, this creates a huge amount of noise.

There are almost four billion people on Facebook, one-and-a-half billion people on Instagram, and TikTok has been downloaded two-and-a-half billion times.  Now if we add website domains, email addresses, newspaper circulation, magazine subscriptions, and everything else, we are overwhelmed with information.

Once we have chosen our preferred platforms (we can’t be everywhere) – in terms of finding the right clients – we need to create the right content to break through all the online noise.  This session focuses on creating an efficient content marketing strategy, such as creating content pillars, telling effective stories, and writing compelling posts which result in your audience taking action.

The aim of this session is to highlight that digital marketing success isn’t solely down to spending all day every day online – it’s about being efficient with your time, planning in advance, and growing a loyal following by being consistent.


Note: This is the second part of 2 sessions Gus is holding on the topic of Digital Marketing.  You can sign up for part 1, ‘Efficient Digital Marketing: you don’t need to be everywhere!’ taking place on 18th May, via the sign up button below too. 


About Gus

Gus Bhandal has over 25 years of marketing experience, gained at some of the world’s largest organisations, and also has loads of letters after his name thanks to his extensive marketing education.  Gus is the founder of The M Guru (the M stands for marketing) – a digital marketing agency helping organisations with social media training and marketing strategies.

Earlier this year, he was also named in a list of the Top 100 Marketing Trailblazers, as well as being number 22 in the Top 30 Marketing Inspiration list alongside world-renowned marketers like Rory Sutherland, Ann Handley, Mark Schaefer, and Seth Godin.

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