How can charities utilise LinkedIn company pages? A masterclass

Sarah Clay
Tues 27 Feb 24 - 12:00 - 13:00

Sarah Clay

Sarah Clay Social

How can charities utilise LinkedIn company pages? A masterclass

The focus for this session will be on the why, and how, charities can make best use of LinkedIn company pages.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page for your charity can bring several benefits: including increased visibility, highlighting key aspects of your charity, receiving endorsements, and sharing timely updates. In this second masterclass, returning expert Sarah Clay will guide you through the merits of LinkedIn, provide an overview of LinkedIn company pages and give you some actionable tips to take away.

In this motivating session you will learn:

  • The importance of LinkedIn for charities in 2024
  • The difference between a company page and a personal profile and how they are both important to get visibility on LinkedIn
  • How to set up a company page for your charity
  • How to empower your teams and volunteers to actively use LinkedIn to help promote the charity
  • The dark art of ‘social selling’ – how to build relationships on LinkedIn in a non-salesy and spammy way to raise visibility for the charity.

Sarah Clay is a LinkedIn trainer and keynote speaker. Her specialism is employee advocacy where she motivates whole teams to use LinkedIn to increase the profile of their brand and themselves with the end goal of driving more traffic to the company page and getting more leads. In this session, Sarah will apply her knowledge and expertise to help charities maximise the potential of LinkedIn.  There will be time to ask questions.


About Sarah

Sarah is an award-winning social media trainer and strategist. With over 10 years’ experience heading up marketing and PR departments Saran went on to run her own social media agency ‘Sarah Clay Social’ looking after social media for all sizes of businesses before focusing on training business owners how to love and leverage LinkedIn to accelerate their growth. Sarah also runs her membership ‘LinkingIn Academy’. Sarah is a regular Speaker on the topic of LinkedIn and has appeared on numerous LinkedIn live events and podcasts. Find out more about Sarah over at or on Social.


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