How to use smartphone photography to elevate your organisation’s image

Alex Vanotti
Wed 8 Nov 23 - 12:00 - 13:00

Alex Vanotti


‘How to use smartphone photography to elevate your organisation’s image’

In this day and age of Instagram and Youtube, Linked In and TikTok, visuals are more important than ever when it comes to promoting your business and keeping followers up to date with your achievements and events.  But if your budget doesn’t stretch to a professional photoshoot or event photographer, you needn’t miss out on capturing great photos that will tell a story and catch your audience’s eye.

In her talk, Alex will briefly cover what makes a great photo, and give examples of how a photo can be improved. She’ll discuss common mistakes and then show you how to take great photos with your smartphone that will make a significant impact to your marketing and presence.

In this fun and interactive session*, Alex will cover:

  • how to get a better understanding of what makes a good photograph, and how to take one
  • composition, natural smiles (top tip: never say cheese!) and making the most of the lighting on offer
  • touch briefly on reportage photography, the art of telling a story through images
  • discuss how to create your wish list of shots before an event – and how to make sure you’re there to capture them when they happen
  • you’ll have a chance to practice some of your new skills (*don’t forget to bring your smartphone and an ornament/toy as a model)

Posting frequently on social media can make your followers feel that you are committed to keeping them up to date and those posts need good photographs to accompany them.  Think of it almost like photojournalism.  Poor photos can totally miss the mark whereas a fab set of snaps can tell a story, making the audience feel like they were there – and leave them wanting to know more.

There will be an opportunity to ask Alex questions.


About Alex

Alex Vanotti is a Wandsworth based photographer and mother of two.  She takes huge pride in her ability to deliver joyful and natural photographs for any occasion, from family photo shoots, birthday parties, headshots, portraits, weddings, baptisms/christenings and corporate events. Clients repeatedly praise Alex for her patience and sense of fun.

Prior to photography, Alex spent 20 years as a broadcast journalist in the BBC Newsroom, and covered everything from court cases to elections to terror attacks to royal weddings (and jubilees… and funerals… and coronations…)  It was here that she learnt the craft of storytelling through images, a skill which is invaluable in the world of photography.

Alex also runs an Instagram blog @thewandsworthphotographer, a shout out and thank you to all the heroes (charities, volunteers and individuals) in the borough.  She is always on the look out for more local heroes to interview so please step forward if you are willing or if you can think of a great interviewee!


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