Graphic Design

Global Urban Design is a social enterprise that provides urban design and placemaking services. Believing strongly in social responsibility, the organisation also provides training and mentoring, develops materials and publications promoting sound urban design principles, and works with stakeholders and a variety of groups on projects benefiting the community.

Total length of project: 10 – 15 hours (over 1 month)

Global Urban Designs are in need of support developing a company brochure at an important stage in the businesses development. With full set of content already developed, a graphic designer is now needed to spruce up the brochure and make appealing, and in line with Global Urban Designs values as it will be used to make first contract with potential clients and partners. The organisation would like something that appeals to an international as well as local government audience.

For this role we are looking for a Graphic Designer who can quickly understand values of an organisation and have a good attention to detail.

If you have already registered to our services, or if you have any questions about the role, contact directly.