Guy & Citizens Advice Wandsworth

Citizen Advice Wandsworth provides information, advice and support to over 8000 local people a year to enable them to manage their affairs and live independent and resilient lives. When Citizen Advice Wandsworth needed to review their messaging, communications professional Guy helped them out.  

It has been very rewarding to work with Phil and the team at Citizens Advice Wandsworth to help them get ready for the Grand Launch of their new premises in March 2016. The work the team does is essential within the borough.

GuyLink UP Volunteer

The Problem

Citizens Advice Wandsworth needed to ensure that they had a core message that conveyed their strategy and the effectiveness of their service delivery in a simple, clear way to the participants at their launch event, which included funders and local politicians. 

The Solution

Guy is an experienced communications professional who works with large companies to assist with their strategic communications. As a Link Up volunteer he worked with the CA Wandsworth senior team over the course of one month to help them create a strong core message that promotes their work in a concise and telling way. 

The Result

The event was a success and the organisation has begun to incorporate much of the messaging developed for the event throughout its communications. Guy continued to work with CAW on a wider marketing and communications strategy and is now a trustee of the organisation. 

Guy’s help made the event a resounding communication’s success. The clearer statements on the purpose, impact and value developed for the event are now being used throughout the organisation’s internal and external communications.”

Citizens Advice Wandsworth

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