How to reach the heart of your audience

Link UP's Skilled Volunteer, Anca Stef | Mar 2022

No matter how small an organisation is, its purpose to do its share of good for society is driven by the same amount of soul and desire as in bigger or more visible NGOs. But sometimes their message remains there, in their hearts, because it is not communicated well or not efficiently enough. With the help of technology and digital marketing messages can reach the desired audience fast, and efficiency is many times the key for impactful results.

Smalls and medium social good organisations have many paths available for making their message visible. But it all starts with a plan.

1. Design a communication plan to respond to the organisation’s strategy and stick to it. The plan should include the channels used for communication and the cadence of messages. Designed around the organisation’s yearly schedule of events and mission, the plan should thoroughly include all possible communication opportunities.

2. Choose the channels used for communication. Adjust every form of communication to mirror your strategic goals. David Chaffey lists the 7Ds of Digital Marketing – try answering each of the steps and the plan will seem much clearer. Once the plan is designed, incorporate the messages which define the organisation, respect the timeline and the rhythm of publishing.

3. Consistency is key and regular communication can make the difference between existence and oblivion. Set a pace for regular posting on social media as this also helps to build a community. Build your email database and set up a consistent and regular newsletter with information about the organisation’s activity, goals and needs. In this way, the voice of the organisation can get responses.

4. Gratify your users for their engagement. Always try to offer a word back, a reply or a special newsletter for supporting fans. Build relationships with partners and promote their posts on social media, re-tweet, share and quote, it is very important to be connected to your followers. Building a brand is a long term marathon and it needs consistency.

5. Video is the most sought after and popular marketing content, according to HubspotTry to give a face to your team and your organisation. Post videos of your activity showing the impact your activity has on your beneficiaries. When asking for donations, a video helps to show exactly what the money will turn into. Local influencers or supporters can record short videos showing their support and this builds trust. Also, showing your team, your enthusiasm as a face and a voice is one of the most expressive ways of communication.

6. There is an app for everything today and smartphone usage is incredibly high today – according to Cybercrew an average person in the UK spends 148 minutes on a smartphone daily. Everything seems to happen on a smartphone and your audience’s attention can be grabbed there. An app is a modern way to keep them connected to your brand. There is the solution of applying to volunteering developers and building a simple to use and appealing app. Whether it is a simple game on a theme related to your organisation’s activity or an educational app with information on a specific theme, it is an easy way to make the audience engage.

7. Last but not least, always test and measure results from digital marketing activities. Analytics help you establish which social media channels drive the most engagement so increase content, while tests can show what type of content is preferred by your audience. Continuously testing and measuring ensure redistributing of time and resources correctly.

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Anca is a Communication Specialist with experience in mass media, PR and digital marketing.

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