Myrna & JAGS Foundation

Originally submitting two projects on Branding and Fundraising through Link UP London, JAGS Foundation were connected with Myrna in order to review staff policies and procedures (an item that had been on the organisations checklist) whilst waiting on support for advertised projects. JAGS Foundation works to reduce the number of young people affected by youth on youth violence through awareness campaigns. The organisations key activities are ‘No Silence to Violence’ workshops in schools, female only therapeutic workshops and the provision of safe spaces for discussion and healing of those involved.

My experience has been entirely positive. I loved the fact that the project was clearly articulated and the timeframe was very manageable. It did not require a time commitment every week.

MyrnaLink UP Volunteer

The Problem

Being heavily reliant on volunteer support, JAGS had been seeking to update their staff policies and procedures in order to protect the organisation and to counter issues that in the past would have affected the smooth day to day running of the organisation. 

The Solution

After connecting with HR consultant Myrna, Tracey and Myrna began by reviewing contracts, and updating policies to ensure they were fit for purpose. A review of a number of policies and procedures took place and a new staff handbook was developed by Myrna along with regular review dates put in place, in order to continue scrutiny of own policy long after the project close. 

The Result

JAGS Foundation is applying for Bronze award certification from London Youth with all the necessary documentation now in place on which they can build as our organisation grows.  Their staff are legally contracted, aware of their responsibilities and conduct and have access to policies and procedures which they can refer to guide and protect them in their employment.

We are extremely fortunate to have access to professional and expert volunteers that are a hugely valuable asset to our organisation of which we could not otherwise afford. The experience of the introduction phase and ongoing support provided by Link UP is excellent!

JAGS Foundation

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