Nada & Welcare

Welcare had been looking to revamp their website, but wanted it to work for its users, coming to Link UP looking for a volunteer towards the end of 2018. The organisation’s mission is to work alongside parents to give children secure and confident childhoods and to enable them to thrive in the future. 

It was great to be working professionally with someone who appreciated my input. I have also offered to remain a contact with Welcare in anticipation of future developments.

NadaLink UP Volunteer

The Problem

Welcare were in need of advice on a redesign of their website. In order to create a site that truly worked for its users, the organisation were trying to understand the most suitable way to generate feedback. As a starting point, Welcare decided to bring in the help of volunteer Nada to begin approaching the development of the website from a User Experience perspective.

The Solution

In order to review the website in the best way possible, feedback had to be drawn from a variety of users. Nada’s previous expertise in developing focus groups and feedback workshops with charities put her in a great position to offer advice and support Welcare in the process.

The Result

As the organisation were dependent on their web agency and others for input throughout the project, the timeframe was fairly open ended and was agreed as such with Nada. At project end, Nada had worked with Welcare to provide a user-review of website, develop personas and provide advice about the user testing process.

The advice and expertise of our volunteer was invaluable in guiding us through this project. We now have a clear plan, which we have begun to implement, and we know what we need to do to reach our goals for the website.


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