HR Policy Creation and Review

Human Resources
30 hours

Who we’re looking for: We are looking for a volunteer with experience producing HR policies.

Project brief: The Abdul Mageed Educational Trust are looking for a Skilled Volunteer to help develop their HR policies and procedures. This would include reviewing their current safeguarding policy and supporting the creation of a new equal opportunities and inclusion policy, and a health and safety policy. This will help them to deliver a safer service, and better position the organisation for securing funding.

Who you’ll be supporting: The Abdul Mageed Educational Trust promotes, supports and delivers education and community learning workshops for the African and Arabic communities in Westminster, across the UK and abroad.

Borough: Westminster

Status: Open

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Please Note: All Link UP London Skilled Volunteering Projects are designed to work around the schedule of the Skilled Volunteer. The time commitment above will be agreed and spread over a time frame that works for both the Skilled Volunteer and the SGO they are supporting.
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