MATCHED – Salesforce Development

40 hours (flexible)
Children and Youth

Who we’re looking for: For this role, we’re looking for a volunteer with Salesforce experience who can quickly understand requirements of users and how to improve their experience.

Project brief: The way in which Salesforce is now set up and designed doesn’t quite meet our current needs, and means a lot of the team gets nervous using it / only partially uses it / avoids using it. The Young Camden Foundation would really value the time of someone to come in and identify how each team department uses / would like to use Salesforce, and what their requirements would be to get it working in such a way that was efficient for them, and edit accordingly.

The structure of Young Camden’s Salesforce is fit for purpose, but the team is finding it is how information within those opportunities is captured that is causing issues.

Who you’ll be supporting: Established in 2017, Young Camden Foundation is a registered charity set up to address the growing uncertainty of long-term investment in the children and young people sector in Camden and the need to build more cross-sector partnerships.

Young Camden Foundation aims to provide a new model of local support for its members, which includes building capacity and better equipping the community with resources and funding, connecting and working with organisations to develop new and entrepreneurial approaches to supporting young people and championing critical issues facing the local community.

Borough: Camden

Status: Closed

If you have any questions about this opportunity, use our contact us form and we'll be happy to talk further!
Please Note: All Link UP London Skilled Volunteering Projects are designed to work around the schedule of the Skilled Volunteer. The time commitment above will be agreed and spread over a time frame that works for both the Skilled Volunteer and the SGO they are supporting.
If you have any questions about this opportunity, use our contact us form and we'll be happy to talk further!

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