Payam Yuce Isik

Payam is an executive and team coach and facilitator. She has considerable experience of working with leaders and organizations to improve dialogue, facilitate change and develop leadership and relationship capacity. Payam has a deep understanding of organizational and relationship dynamics through 23+ years of experience working with organizations, teams and leaders. She utilizes different approaches and methodologies such as deep democracy, gestalt coaching, organizational and systems coaching and process work, to provide a tailored approach in response to the needs of her clients.

Payam offers executive coaching, team coaching and facilitation:

Pelin I. Buyuksarac

Pelin I. Buyuksarac is an organisational development and change management consultant. She focuses on facilitating team building, as well as individual self-development coaching. Pelin expertly uses “Points of View” tools and methodology to support her individual clients. She also offers executive coaching relating to team development and systems restructuring.

Facebook: @ankaenablechange
Instagram: @enable_change

Caroline Hanson

Having been empowered by my coaches Pelin & Payam, it is my privilege to empower others to grasp life by the scruff of the neck and review the next stage of their lives. The strength of the Link UP community cannot be underestimated; it has changed my life. I participated in the inaugural ReLaunch course and have completed comprehensive training as a ReLaunch coach.

I am passionate about Parenting and about supporting women to live the life they want to live. Through my emerging business, loveparentlove, I offer bespoke, client-driven solutions and strategies to those seeking clarity as they face the challenges of their future. I approach my support and suggestions light heartedly with a thoughtful, calm and loving tone. I can help you to look within, believe in your own uniqueness as an individual to be able to navigate the change you wish to see in your world.

Henrietta Nelson

I have seen first-hand the wonderful impact of the course. I think it plays a vital role in reminding women of their strengths and propelling them forward towards full and satisfying careers.

I spent seven years working in the city as a solicitor specialising in commercial litigation. After having children, I worked with a coach in order to gain some clarity around my values. As a result, I qualified as a coach and now have my own coaching practice focused on helping women thrive in their careers. I participated in the inaugural ReLaunch course and have completed comprehensive training as a ReLaunch coach.