What is ReLaunch?

We know that considering your next steps after a career break can feel daunting. Your confidence might be down and you may be questioning the value and relevance of your skills.

Our 4-part ReLaunch Course helps women, like you, to reconnect with your strengths, build confidence, clarify your goals, and plan your next steps after a career break. Your next steps might be skilled volunteering, retraining, starting your own business, or part or full time employment.

Led by our experienced ReLaunch facilitators in a supportive environment, our small group workshops will help you to create a plan for your next chapter, whatever it may be.


Times for all sessions:  09:0011:00

Tuesday 5th May, Tuesday 12th May, Tuesday 19th May


Tuesday 2nd June, Tuesday 9th June, Tuesday 16th June

"A massive injection of self-confidence, awareness and support after years of doubting my own abilities."

Emily's Story

Emily feels fortunate that she was able to take a 14-year career break to raise her children. In those years, she also volunteered in her community, as well as being the head of the PTA at her children’s school.

“When my term as Head of the PTA ended, I wanted to continue being busy – preferably in a paid role! – but I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it or what my strengths were after such a long break. Luckily I heard about the ReLaunch course at just the right time.”

Through the 4-part ReLaunch course, Emily was able to assess her strengths and the types of roles that would work best for her. She is now the Alumni & Events Manager at a local independent school, and credits ReLaunch with helping her get this job.

“I know that I would not have pursued this role with the same confidence and assertive attitude without ReLaunch. It is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done!”

Emily has thrived in her busy role and enjoyed gaining new skills such as database management and how to use social media as a work tool – she says if she can do it, anyone can!

ReLaunch Community

When you sign up for the ReLaunch course you will become a member of our community of supportive, like-minded women! After completing the ReLaunch course, participants continue to benefit from regular ReLaunch meetups, our online community, newsletters, mentoring opportunities and events. Our ReLaunchees can also choose to re-engage with their skills in new and exciting ways by getting involved with our Link UP Skilled Volunteering programme.

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling stuck about their next career move. ReLaunch has given me some much needed focus and an invaluable support network."

Can't make the next course? Don't worry, we run them regularly! If you're interested finding out about our ReLaunch courses and Community, get in touch with Heather: ReLaunch@linkuplondon.org