Rob & Clothe Me - Thank You

Clothe Me – Thank You came to Link UP looking for someone who could increase the organisations visibility and, in the process, bump them up to the next level of engagement with businesses and press across London. Clothe Me – Thank You was set up in order to help those facing financial hardship to clothe themselves. By providing redeemable vouchers which can be exchanged in partner charity shops for basic clothing, the organisation helps those in need find clothes they are otherwise unable to access.

Working with Clothe Me - Thank You was a great opportunity to support the community using the spare time outside of my day job.

RobLink UP Volunteer

The Problem

Already making good connections with charity partners, Clothe Me – Thank You needed to step up operations in order to expand its services. The main stumbling block identified for the organisation was its visibility. 

The Solution

Link UP Volunteer, Rob, brought his expertise directly from the PR industry and set about developing a summer campaign with the support of Antony. This included media mapping, writing relevant articles and getting them published in appropriate places. Rob has also developed a PR plan.

The Result

As well as a successful campaign, the content developed throughout the project will also be used on the organisations Facebook and Twitter as well as a blog on their website. The support of Rob also acted as general consultancy that could be taken to the wider Clothe Me – Thank You team. For Antony, the work of Rob was instrumental to the development of the organisation, a building block, contributing to the overall picture of Clothe Me – Thank You. 

I like Link UP London, they're are old school, they talk to you about what your requirements might be and they LISTEN to what you have to say. Then they go away and act upon what you have said. In our case they came up trumps. BIG thank you!

Clothe Me - Thank You

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