Could a Skilled Volunteer help you?

We know that running an SGO is hard work and you can’t always have the expertise you need in house. Our projects use volunteer consultants to build the capacity of your organisation, so you can do what you do best; serve local people and the community.

If you have a short-term project that will help you do your work better, we can connect you to a Skilled Volunteer to help. Our volunteers have industry specific expertise ranging from Marketing, Accounting, IT to Policy and much more. Our volunteers are not front-line, rather they help you to break through developmental barriers that your organisation is facing. 

We currently work with SGOs including Charities, Community Groups and Social Enterprises, in Wandsworth and Lambeth, and have plans to expand beyond soon.

What do organisations say?

Was the volunteer professional?
98% say YES!

How would organisation's rate our volunteers?

Would they be interested in another Link UP project?
100% say YES!

Would they recommend Link UP to other organisations?
100% say YES!

“I like Link UP London, they're are old school, they talk to you about what your requirements might be and they LISTEN to what you have to say. Then they go away and act upon what you have said. In our case they came up trumps. BIG thank you!”

What do we need?

To have a Link UP volunteer consultant with your organisation you will need to:

  • Identify and clearly define a project that will help build the capacity of the organisation.
  • Have a specified timeframe (start/end date).
  • Have a robust structure in place to manage the Skilled Volunteer.
  • Be based in an area where Link UP works.
  • Have liability insurance in place.
  • Be able to respond within 3 working days.


Complete an Organisation Sign Up Form to get started. Our dedicated staff is happy to assist with the application if needed, just get in touch!

Need inspiration? Here are some ways volunteer consultants can help!


Wandsworth Mediation Service now has revised policy documents created specifically for them and reflecting how they operate, being of the standard this growing organisation needs. The volunteer offered professional, high quality, thorough and logical advice and has helped them to understand all relevant issues.

"Working with our Link UP volunteer was easy, she understood the needs of our charity, worked quickly and efficiently, and her advice was comprehensive and easy to understand. She was a perfect match for us!"

  • Finance and accounting systems
  • Database development
  • Provision of legal advice
  • Human resource policy development or review
  • Creating an employee handbook
  • Assessment and recommendation for systems
  • Volunteer recruitment strategy


Marketing and Communications
  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Creating a newsletter
  • Writing an Annual Review
  • Producing a video
  • Taking photographs
  • Case study development


Online Platforms and Technology
  • Developing a social media plan
  • Website design and development
  • Setting up social media processes
  • Conducting a tech systems review
  • Google apps setup
  • Prototyping a mobile site


Strategy and Governance
  • Advising on strategic development
  • Facilitating a strategy session
  • Creating trustee policies and procedures
  • Developing a branding message
  • Writing a strategic plan
  • Serving as a Trustee
  • Conducting an evaluation
  • Developing a monitoring system
  • Conducting an online survey
  • Assisting with programme development
  • Scoping exercise for potential programmes


  • Developing a fundraising strategy
  • Creating a corporate fundraising campaign
  • Donor identification
  • Donor recruitment
  • Creating a pitch for funders


Talk to an Expert

  • Do you have a problem you’re trying to solve, but not sure you need a full project with a Link UP Skilled Volunteer?
  • Could you benefit from a sounding board and guidance on a specific issue facing your organisation?
  • Why not chat with our Experts Team and see if they can help you to find solutions!

Not sure if you're ready? Get in touch with us via to speak to a member of our team!