Amy & Age UK Wandsworth

Age UK Wandsworth’s ensures older people have an improved quality of life, can live independently and well in their homes and are able to participate in the community. The organisation also aims to reduce the demand for health and social care through the services provided.

“Supporting Age UK Wandsworth gave me the opportunity to really see how local charities work and the commitment they have to their beneficiaries. It was brilliant to be able to get involved with the team and provide something meaningful that will hopefully go on to have a direct impact on funds received!”
Amy – Link UP Volunteer

The Problem

Achieving donations as a franchised local organisation is difficult. Sitting under the larger Age UK (national) umbrella has two effects on this: 1. The public believe that Age UK Wandsworth has the funds of Age UK (national) and therefore don’t donate, 2. Donations that are given, sometimes get provided to Age UK (national) instead of Age UK Wandsworth.

The Solution

Age UK Wandsworth’s solution was to better articulate how donations can be provided to their local branch, focusing on Wills and Legacies. The organisation was matched to Link UP Volunteer Amy, who with digital marketing skills helped formulate the donations ask and develop new online materials around gifting within a Will (not a simple ask!).

The Result

As a result of Amy’s support, Age UK Wandsworth now has a slick brochure that details in simple terms how someone could donate through their Will which can be viewed here!

“Amy’s involvement provided much needed expertise and capacity on a project that has the real potential to provide long-term stability for our organisation. Whilst we were ‘fire-fighting’ during Covid, it was great to know that Amy was working away on a project that can support the future of the organisation”
Emma – Age UK Wandsworth

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