Ania & Climate Ed

Climate Ed teaches children about climate change and empowers them to take action by educating them and their families about carbon foot-printing and helping them to reduce their own footprint. They do this by using videos, graphs, communication activities, drama games, teamwork, carbon footprint measuring tools and more; delivered by a team of volunteers, many of whom experts in their fields.

“I found it very satisfying to help an organisation with an important mission, by contributing my professional skills”
Ania, Link UP Volunteer

The Problem

Climate Ed, being in the early stages of development, were looking at reviewing their budget so that it could be structured with confidence. For all charitable organisations, a strong budget allows confident strategic planning and funding planning.

The Solution

With a background in financial services, Ania was introduced to Climate Ed and very quickly got stuck into the budgeting task with the organisation’s founder. Ania’s experience in commercial, financial, and strategic roles made her the perfect fit for this overarching and strategy influencing piece of work.

The Result

The budget developed with the support of Ania will help inform Climate Ed’s strategy at a crucial stage of development, helping the organisation to plan with more confidence and making them more bid-ready.

“Provided really clear, practical support to help guide our work as an organisation. It was also helpful to discuss issues with someone outside the organisation, who had a fresh perspective”
Climate Ed

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