Social media strategy to drive awareness

Committed to building a better world

NaariSamatā is a charity dedicated to working on the safety of women, children and underprivileged marginalised communities. They tackle important issues such as rape prevention by teaching young people about equality and respect and are committed to helping empower women.

Reaching a wider audience for their cause

NaariSamatā were looking for support from a social media strategist who could formalise their social media output in a manageable way for the organisations small, but dedicated, team. In particular, the organisation wanted to build a campaign into the strategy driving awareness and donations. With a global audience, there was a need for those engaging to feel they are part of a movement.

Digital Marketing Manager with a desire to help others achieve

Skilled Volunteer Sara was perfect for the position. Sara’s current role in development and management of digital media alongside her previous digital and fundraising experience meant she had significant skills and knowledge to bring to the Project. Her passion for honest and effective communication and a genuine desire to grow her knowledge and skills to help others achieve, left us in no doubt that she would be a wonderful match!

Communicating NaariSamatā’s purpose across social platforms

Sara started by looking at NaariSamatā’s organisational values and objectives. She then went on to build a social media strategy, specifically looking at audience, social goals, and how the messaging reflects the organisation’s purpose.

The end result was consistency, clarity and focus, with a strategy that will help NaariSamatā fulfil their objective of building awareness among their global audience. The strategy is designed to help them look professional and deliver brand recognition across social platforms, as well as create engagement and the feeling of being part of a movement. Anita from NaariSamata said “The Social Media Strategy gave focus and harmony to our social media posts, and this makes our social media look and feel a lot more professional.”

“A fantastic resource that is so beneficial for small charities like ours who cannot afford paid professional help.”

A sense of professional and personal achievement and fulfilment

It’s not only NaariSamata who have benefitted from the Project, Sara has grown too commenting; “Volunteering with Naarisamata through Link UP London has been great for me in both a personal and professional sense. This project allowed me to enhance skills gained through my main source of employment. This led to an increase in my self-confidence as a marketing professional. I was also honoured to have been allowed to contribute to what I know will be a very successful charity that will really change the lives of women and girls in India as well as inspiring people in the UK to be the change they want to see in the world.”

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