Creative animation to encourage legacy funding

Wandsworth-based charity supports older people in living independent and fulfilled lives

Age UK Wandsworth is a local, independent charity working in the community to support older people and their carers. They offer a range of services to meet their goals of ensuring improved quality of life, independent living, and the ability for older people to participate in the community and ultimately ‘Age Well’. They also work hard to reduce the demand for health and social care through the services they provide.

Visually guiding the Will writing process through animation

In 2020, Age UK Wandworth approached Link UP London to help them find digital marketing support for their new ‘Giving’’ campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage valuable income through individual giving (including legacy giving) which allows them to continue to deliver their services to the older people of Wandsworth. Following on from that project (which you can read about here) the organisation wanted to create an engaging, accessible animation film to add to their bank of communications. The purpose of the short animation was to help people better understand who Age UK Wandsworth are, and how they differ from Age UK, the different ways to ‘give’ to Age UK Wandsworth and how this would help more older people ‘Age Well’ within the borough.

Motion Designer puts Legacy & Will communications in creative motion

Link UP Skilled Volunteer and Motion Designer, Scott B has over 5 years Graphic Design experience and 3 years Motion Design with a focus on explainer and infographic video; more recently having specialised in 2D character animation. His skills were a perfect match for the brief and as the organisation was open to different styles, Scott was able to input his own creative stamp on the Project and able to convey their message creatively and professionally.

Creative freedom with meaningful purpose

Often when working on community projects our Skilled Volunteers experience improved self-confidence, learn new skills, and feel engaged within their community. In this instance Scott also enjoyed the freedom of bringing his creativity to the role, saying; “The most refreshing thing about taking on this project was having almost complete creative freedom to try new techniques and styles that almost never happen in my day job”

Short animation with potential fundraising impact following pandemic

The generosity of donations, including gifts in wills, Age UK Wandworth receives significantly helps them continue their work in the local community. However, like many other charities, the organisation has been hit hard by the pandemic and Scott’s animation video, by visually explaining the different ways to give, will be a vital asset to their fundraising efforts going forward.

“We are so grateful to Link UP for matching us with Scott. He has been a pleasure to work with and has created a marketing asset that conveys our message creatively and professionally. As a small local charity, we could never afford to commission this work and it has the potential to have a meaningful impact on our fundraising which is so vital after the pandemic.”
Emma Chisholm, Age UK Wandsworth

A resource core to Age UK Wandworth’s Communications

The project will continue to contribute to the development of Age UK Wandsworth in the long term. The animation is a resource core to their communications and Emma can envisage using it not only to support their fundraising efforts, but to explain what they do across many different meetings and events to service users, community groups and at their AGM for example, stating “I can see it being a really useful asset for many years to come”.

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