Enhancing Write London’s Communications

Naomi, a seasoned marketing expert, partnered with Tom and Naino from Write London to revamp their communications strategy, resulting in clearer messaging and a roadmap for future improvements.

The Organisation

Write-London’s aim is to assist in helping people be heard. All Write-London projects are based around a series of creative workshops delivered in the local community. The workshops provide participant groups of all ages with some tools to explore their creativity. Write London operates in adult mental health settings and with young people in schools and community spaces. Balancing these two areas in communications was challenging, requiring clarity on how each benefits from the other.

The Skilled Volunteer

Naomi Wilkinson, an expert in marketing strategies, brand development, and organisational review, joined Write London to transform and expand its communications.

The Project

The main objective was to improve Write London’s communication, making it clearer for those unfamiliar with their work. The focus was to explain how their efforts in mental health settings and with young people are beneficial for everyone involved.

Write London initially had no social media presence. To address this, they chose Instagram to share their literature-based content. Naomi developed a strategy that required minimal weekly effort but effectively promoted their work.

Naomi also assisted with Write London’s soft relaunch, providing professional advice on website content and presentation to ensure it aligned with their refreshed communication strategy.

The Result

Naomi’s 80-hour commitment produced a roadmap for website changes, content updates, and a social media schedule. They now have higher communication standards, aiming to improve website backlinks over time.

With clearer messaging, Write London expects improved engagement from partners, participants, and parents/carers. While the Instagram launch is pending, they are fully prepared to maintain a consistent and professional presence.

Naomi said “I really enjoyed supporting Write-London with the creation of a communications strategy and being able to give back to a charity organisation. It was great to use my skills to develop the strategy and also provide improvement suggestions to their website. I also found it interesting to learn about this sector whilst doing the competitor analysis. I wish them all the success for the future.”

Tom from Write London followed on by sayingBy having a clearer understanding on the language and messaging we wished to use, it’s expected that the three main groups of people who engage with Write-London will have a much clearer understanding of both the work Write-London does and how they can best engage with us. The Instagram section of the project which Write-London is to enact is yet to go live but we are prepared and fully informed of everything we have to have ready when we do launch it and to then deliver it on a consistent and professional standard thanks to the plan Naomi has left us with.”

Naomi’s guidance provided Write London with the knowledge and skills to elevate their communications, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in engaging their audience.

Another successful project wrapped up! Thanks to Naomi’s guidance, Write London now has the tools and know-how to communicate clearly and effectively with their different audiences.

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