HR support puts SGO in great position to develop

Healthy Living Platform develops community programmes and activities that empower local people and are self-sustaining. They offer activities which benefit the health and wellbeing of the whole community and help improve the environment we live in, running food projects, vegetable bag schemes, food parcels, food growing/gardening, walks, Yoga, Zumba etc.

“This was my first project where face to face meeting with the organisation was difficult because of Covid. As an HR consultant, I particularly found it difficult to engage with an organisation I couldn’t see. But we did eventually get a window 6 weeks in when I got to meet the CEO I was working for and we had a tour of a couple of their sites and I met a few of their employees. It felt like a light had been switched on and from then on, things really started to happen. In the dreary days of lockdown London, I felt I was able to help a community organisation actively involved in food distribution.”Myrna, Link UP Volunteer

The Problem

Healthy Living Platform was in need of creating a sustainable staffing structure, previously reliant on freelance roles to deliver services. They needed someone to come on board to support reviewing job roles, policies and payment structure.

The Solution

After coming to Link UP, Healthy Living Platform was connected to Myrna who assisted the organisation in building a staffing structure that could allow an effective transition from freelance reliance to salaried roles.

The Result

Myrna’s support allowed Healthy Living Platform to confidently structure staffing, and as a result a number of staff converted from freelance to payroll and the team had a good set of job descriptions creating a strong team.

“Our volunteer provided highly professional support that has put us in a great position to develop in the future.”
Healthy Living Platform

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