Impact Story: Empowering Futures with the Abdul Mageed Educational Trust

Impact Story by Skilled Volunteer, Nada Savich  |  Feb 2024

Link UP London Skilled Volunteers often work behind the scenes, and so the difference they make can sometimes be overlooked. Many new organisations have all the right intentions, but a lack of written policies backing up these intentions can mean a lack of confidence.

For Naglaa, the director from the Abdul Mageed Educational Trust, having support from a Link UP London volunteer to develop key policies has fundamentally changed how the Abdul Mageed Educational Trust supports people.

“We can now stand firmly on our feet on solid ground.”

The Abdul Mageed Educational Trust have been supporting the local Arabic, Amharic and Tigrinya speaking populations in Westminster since 2018. They deliver various services for hard to reach communities including education and community learning workshops offering advice and promoting health and wellbeing.

As a small organisation they were not fully confident in their practice because they didn’t have robust policies on which to base their work. They were cautious about working with different people and different needs.

The Link UP London expert helped them to develop key policies bespoke to them covering: Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Privacy and Health & Safety. As a result, the Trust has widened its approach, and many more people are benefiting from their services:

“Our beneficiaries numbers has doubled after having all our policies in place”.

Naglaa feels that having clear policies means that the people the Trust works with are more confident in the organisation and how it is structured:

“They trust us more –they know we will protect their privacy, understand our responsibilities around their safety, and know how to care for them well”.

Having a safeguarding policy means the organisation now feels confident and more equipped to work with new types of beneficiaries, in particular children and vulnerable adults.

Inclusion is very important to the organisation, and they wanted to make sure they are actively tackling discrimination. Having a clear policy around equality and diversity means that there is a structure to follow:

“We have confidence to know that we are operating within the law and good practice guidance.”

Having good policies is very important for the future of the organisation. The Trust is now well positioned to grow and develop. Naglaa explains that they have already received grants from a five different funders, all of which required that appropriate policies are in place.

For Naglaa the policies state the intentions of the organisation clearly and demonstrate to beneficiaries, partner organisations and funders that the Trust is a professional and reliable organisation.

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