Impact Story: Nicola & Emma’s Digital Marketing Drive at Yes to Life

Impact Story by Skilled Volunteer, Nada Savich | April 2024

“The help from the Link UP London volunteer was exactly what I’d been wishing for”

When Emma became responsible for digital marketing at the cancer support charity Yes to Life she found that running social media for an organisation was very different from posting personally: “I realised I had a lot of stuff to learn.”

She looked around for some professional support and had been willing to pay a consultant from her own pocket. But even when she found people she thought could help, the cost was too high. Around that time, she got a message on Instagram from Link UP London.

“I didn’t know something as wonderful as Link UP London existed!”

At first Emma thought the offer of professional expertise for free was too good to be true, but she soon realised that it wasn’t a scam and contacted Akash to talk about the support she needed.

Akash matched Emma with Nicola, who has her own consultancy, NL Marketing, and had volunteered with LinkUP London to use her experience to help local charities. When Emma met Nicola they clicked immediately.

“It was a perfect match. She’s so knowledgeable and helpful, and is such a nice person – which is always a bonus!”.

The first thing Nicola suggested doing was a social media audit. She went through the channels Emma was using: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and listed what Emma was doing well and suggestions for improvements.

“I found that initial audit so useful. She presented it beautifully in a format which meant I could share it with my colleagues”.

Regular meetings meant that Nicola could help Emma to develop ideas and new approaches, and the confidence to convince her colleagues about the importance of social media across the organisation.

“As a small charity with very few paid staff it’s been invaluable to have free support.”

Yes to Life provides support, information and financial assistance to those with cancer interested in to pursue lifestyle and complementary approaches to their care. Since working with Nicola, Emma is confident that their social media messages are reaching the right people: people who might use their services, grant funders and possible volunteers.

“I feel very fortunate to have had access to help from an expert.”

Link UP London is about making positive change in London communities. Our skilled volunteers often report that they feel closer to their communities and especially the organisations they work with. Emma is particularly pleased that Nicola has become a trustee of the charity and so will continue to use her skills and experience to support Yes to Life as they approach their 20th anniversary celebrations.

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