Louise & Clothing Collective

Clothing Collective was set up in order to help those facing financial hardship to clothe themselves. By providing redeemable vouchers which can be exchanged in our partner charity shops for basic clothing, the organisation helps those in need find clothes they are otherwise unable to access with dignity.

“It was great to be able to help Clothe Me Thank You, a very worthwhile charity, raise some more funds”
Louise, Link UP Volunteer

The Problem

Clothing Collective have access to lists of available small grants, but were in need of a researcher to come on board, with a strategic mind that could quickly understand the aims and vision of the organisation, and identify which grants were most suitable/accessible for the organisation.

The Solution

After getting in touch with Link UP, Clothing Collective were matched with Louise who quickly set about finding suitable grants. After being promised small grants, Louise also helped the organisation with their accounts and general organisational development.

The Result

Louise’s support directly impacted the generation of funds for Clothing Collective, achieving several small grants.

“Working with Link UP London gives us the opportunity to have the resources of a HR dept. They help with sourcing and screening the professional volunteers we actually need!”
Antony – Clothing Collective

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