Marianne & Douglas Bader Park TRA

Newly formed Tenants and Residents Association in Brent were looking at ways to engage their community. With the area undergoing regeneration the TRA is a way to give a voice to those living through the regeneration.

“Link UP is a wonderful way to contribute to the communities and make an impact. They facilitate finding the right “match” to best use your skills and accompany you throughout the process of the project.”
Marianne, Link UP Volunteer

The Problem

In the face of regeneration, Douglas Bader Park TRA were in need of support encouraging residents to engage with the conversation around regeneration through a newly developed website. Resident engagement had been historically low and the TRA wished to tackle it through the development of community projects and activities led by the residents.

The Solution

Douglas Bader Park TRA were connected to Marianne, a Link UP Volunteer with heaps of experience across the board in marketing and strategic thinking. Marianne supported TRA through consulting on approaches to engaging residents with the team and feeding into wider structural and organisational discussions at a crucial point in establishment.

The Result

The TRA were left with a resident engagement plan and a structure taking the organisation forward through the regeneration, with the view of getting residents more invested in their local community. The TRA ran their first community event following the project, in September, with a turnout of almost 100 guests.

“The advice and guidance offered enable the association to extend its reach within its local community, engaging further with vulnerable individuals who would not normally access on line resources. A fantastic experience which has provided not only direction for growth but enabled a local community to engage as volunteers in service development & delivery!”
TRA Representative

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