Moving forward with digital marketing

Harrow charity supporting local youths

Ignite is a community-based youth charity, working with young people aged 11-25 to help them re-engage with education, find employment or move away from anti-social behaviour, gang involvement and exploitative relationships. The organisation’s youth workers are committed to journeying with young people, many of whom are at-risk, marginalised or face barriers to achieving success in life.

A fruitful one-hour online consultation is the start of something bigger

In November 2020, Ignite Youth attended Link UP’s Flash Consulting event in need of Digital Marketing advice from an expert. The one-hour online consultancy is a fun and efficient way for Skilled Volunteers to share their professional expertise and explore fresh solutions to the challenges that local charitable organisations in the community are facing – all for free! Originally pushing information out through Gmail, Ignite Youth was looking for support around email marketing fundamentals, best options for a small charity and how to market in engaging ways for their supporters. They also needed help growing their supporter base and how best to convert these supporters into donors.

Digital Marketing Consultant provides a clearer path for the future

At the Flash Consulting event, Ignite Youth was matched with Skilled Volunteer and Global Marketing Director, Adeline S. Adeline has wide-ranging experience supporting international clients to achieve their marketing and digital strategy objectives with a passion for empowering positive change. She was therefore very well placed to assist the organisation with their Digital Marketing goals and explore new processes that could help them drive more donations.

Turning plans into action

During the virtual one-hour consultation, Adeline shared several useful suggestions including how to design and structure a newsletter, increase the mailing list, and how to monitor and adapt the content to improve open rates and continuously drive engagement.

Ignite Youth was excited about Adeline’s suggestions. Following the Flash Consulting event, they contacted us at Link UP to request that she join them for a short-term, structured Skilled Volunteer project focused on helping them put their new plans into action.

A charity that’s better equipped to move forward

As a result of the Flash Consulting event and the subsequent Skilled Volunteering Project, Ignite Youth now boasts stronger communications and an improved marketing strategy.

The charity is also better equipped to move forward with elements of their digital fundraising strategy, after receiving help and guidance from Adeline and learnt more about how to present the ‘ask’ for donations as well as tracking what works and what doesn’t.

“Our volunteer was incredibly helpful! With her support we were able to improve our methods for information distributing and engagement with our supporters and we were very excited to be able to confidently implement our first digital fundraising effort.” Ignite Youth

Sharing professional skills with your community feels good!

Sharing professional skills can have many benefits beyond just helping an organisation to do its work better. As well as feeling more purposeful, optimistic and happier, Adeline commented: “This was a lovely opportunity for me to put my consulting and digital marketing experience to be of service to an organisation that does amazing things for the community!”

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