New marketing strategy clears path for growth

Domestic abuse cases rise during lockdown

Calls to police about domestic abuse in London leapt by 12% during the coronavirus lockdown. One borough experiencing an “above average offending rate” is Harrow where local organisation Every Step Matters provides a therapeutic group and individual support to children, young people and adults empowering them to break the cycle of Domestic Abuse and form healthy loving relationships.

Small organisation needs support to reach more beneficiaries

Every Step Matters came to Link UP in need of support with their communications and marketing strategy. They were looking for a particular focus on how to expand and grow their community in the hope of reaching more individuals suffering from domestic abuse. With limited time and resources in house due to a very small team, the communications strategy needed to be easily actionable so they could manage the workload in-house.

Experienced Communications Strategist shares clear and impactful advice

Skilled Volunteer, Hannah N, is an extremely talented Communications Strategist, whose experience aligned perfectly with the project request from Every Step Matters.

Together, they built a step-by-step communications strategy which the organisation found easy to follow and will continue to work through for the rest of the year. One main area of focus was Digital Marketing which has been a huge need for many organisations since the pandemic, when traditional methods such as leafleting and face-to-face outreach became more challenging. They started by creating an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) which helps when targeting the right audience on social media.

Skilled Volunteer’s advice puts organisation on the road to expansion

Marketing is the most effective way to grow a business but without a clear strategy in place, it can use a huge amount of resource which many small charitable organisations do not have access to. Hannah’s advice has positioned Every Step Matters is the best way to promote the organisation to a wider network in a strategic way which will save them lots of time in the long run!

“Working with Link UP London has enabled us to focus our time on building our business with a marketing expert and building a communications strategy we are extremely excited to have in place.” Every Step Matters

Sharing your skills makes you feel more purposeful

During lockdown, we saw a 40%-50% rise in the number of volunteers signing up to share their skills with local organisations. People volunteer for different reasons, but it always has a positive effect, whether it’s building confidence, building on experience and knowledge or maybe to feel more connected to their community. Regardless of the motivation, everyone finds it rewarding in their own way.

“I really enjoyed using my time to give back to the community, using my communications and marketing knowledge in a different way to my everyday job.” Hannah

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