Power to Connect: Bridging the Digital Divide and Empowering Communities

In a world increasingly reliant on technology, it’s essential that everyone has equal access to the digital world. Unfortunately, many low-income and disadvantaged families face barriers to obtaining the necessary tools and skills. That’s where Power to Connect comes in. This incredible organisation is making a significant impact in tackling digital exclusion and empowering communities.

The Organisation – Power to Connect

Power to Connect is dedicated to recycling, refurbishing, and redistributing donated laptops and tablets to schools and community organisations. Their primary focus is on low-income and disadvantaged families in Wandsworth who might not have the means to purchase these devices. By providing them with access to technology, Power to Connect opens doors to educational resources, employment opportunities, and a brighter future.

But their efforts don’t stop at device distribution. Power to Connect also recognises the importance of digital skills. They deliver digital skills sessions in Wandsworth schools, helping parents gain confidence in using devices and equipping them with knowledge on keeping their children safe online. They also deliver digital drop-in sessions across Wandsworth libraries which provides a friendly and informal setting for residents to get support with their laptops, tablets, smartphones and to talk through how to navigate technology with dedicated volunteers. Through these sessions, they not only bridge the digital divide but also foster a safer digital environment for families.

The Brief – A series of informative and visually appealing infographics

Recently, Power to Connect embarked on a mission to increase exposure, raise funds, and engage corporate sponsors. They understand the power of visual communication in conveying their impact and reaching a broader audience. To achieve this, they sought the expertise of a Skilled Volunteer through Link UP London. The goal was to create a series of informative and visually appealing infographics that would captivate their audience and convey the essence of their work.

The Solution – Graphic Designer, Lydia

Enter Lydia, an experienced graphic designer specialising in infographic design and branded templates. Her passion for 2D design and commitment to making a difference drew her to Power to Connect’s cause. With her expertise, Lydia crafted a comprehensive branding kit, incorporating fonts, colours, and icons that captured the essence of Power to Connect’s mission. Additionally, she designed visually stunning infographics that conveyed the organisation’s impact in a clear and concise manner.

The Result – Connecting with more supporters

Lydia’s contributions have been extremely valuable. The branding kit and infographics she developed have provided Power to Connect with powerful tools to promote their mission effectively. Through these resources, they are now able to reach more people via social media, corporate partnerships, and community events. The new look and feel of their materials have given them a sense of professionalism and confidence, allowing them to connect with more supporters in the corporate and community sectors.

“We are so grateful to Link UP London for introducing us to Lydia, who has helped us to develop our branding kit and core infographics. Like many small community organisations, we face limitations in time and resources and this support has been amazing in helping us create a consistent and professional visual identity which is essential in promoting our work. We can’t wait to share them. Thanks Lydia and Link UP London!” – Megan, Power to Connect

Power to Connect firmly believes that professional and consistent visual communication plays a crucial role in engaging potential corporate sponsors and partners. With their newly established brand identity, they are confident in attracting more support and resources that will enable them to continue delivering services to their end users.

“I have absolutely loved working alongside Megan at Power to Connect for the past few months. All thanks to Link UP London, I was given a rewarding opportunity to help elevate and streamline Power to Connect’s branded assets for corporate sponsorship. Power to Connect is an organisation that recycles, refurbishes & redistributes donated laptops and tablets to schools and community organisations, for low-income and disadvantaged families, a wonderful charity! Highly recommend Link UP London if you are keen to use your skills to make a difference.” – Lydia

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