Rewriting Digilearning’s training programme curriculum

The Organisation – Digilearning

Digilearning is a UK charity educating children, parents and teachers with digital skills. The London-based organisation has supported digital skills training for more than 100,000 young people by hosting workshops in schools, offering career development days and developing an online safety platform for parents. The organisation also created the award-winning DIGIRISE and GIRLRISE mentoring and career development programmes. These programmes help students prepare for the real world of work by giving them digital literacy, business understanding, the communication skills and the confidence they need to enter the digital-first world of working. 


The Brief – Rewriting The Curriculum

In this Skilled Volunteering Project the organisation was looking to rewrite the training programmes curriculum in order for it to be accredited by the CPD (continuing professional development). Having this accreditation will provide increased reassurance to prospective students and funders about the quality of these courses. 

The focus of the training is to support young people into employment and enterprise and provide quality education opportunities to increase their employability prospects.

The best Skilled Volunteer for the job would need experience with curriculum development and reviewing similar educational programmes so they could help determine what to keep and what to retire in this 36 hours of training that covers a variety of digital skills. They also needed to able to support with lesson planning that provided a comprehensive student learning experience.


The Solution – Amanda Clements

When Amanda Clements became available for a Skilled Volunteering Project, it was clear that she was the best candidate for this project. Amanda has done multiple projects with Link UP in the last five years and is highly motivated, reliable and knowledgeable in many different areas. She has a substantial background in education and extensive experience in curriculum development, 


The Result – Ready to Launch

Amanda’s breadth of knowledge in creating training programmes and curriculum design and development helped the charity shape the modules. Working with her enabled the organisation to understand how to best present the course and how professional bodies mark modules to comply with industry standards.

The Digilearning team worked together with Amanda to rewrite the curriculum for their training programme. Following this Skilled Volunteering Project, Digilearning plan to launch the accredited platform offering a complete learning experience that is fun, interactive, skills oriented and ultimately engaging to the end user next year (2024).

“Link UP London was great sourcing us an amazing volunteer to help with the finalising of our training curriculum. They provided us with a person that had the professional skills we were looking for. Without the help of Amanda we wouldn’t have been able to get our course accredited.” – Digilearning


“It has given me the opportunity to work with organisations I wouldn’t previously have had access to and in professional areas I wouldn’t usually consider ie; an IT skills development programme. I’ve loved volunteering my skills in my local area as it has enabled me to get to know the area better and I feel more connected to my neighbourhood which has opened up opportunities to go to local events and cultural occasions that I never knew about before.” – Amanda

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