Tracey & Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders’ mission is to alleviate the suffering of children through laughter and play, recognising these things as stabilising forces for children living through humanitarian disaster. Through dynamic clown performances and playful, child-centred workshops, the organisation provides emotional comfort and respite to children when they need it the most.

‘Working with Clowns Without Borders on their social media strategy made great use of my skills and showed me how I can help smaller charities and businesses. It gave me a sense of purpose and helped me learn new skills along the way – it’s something I’d definitely do again.’
Tracey – Link UP Volunteer

The Problem

Clowns Without Borders were looking to raise the profile of the charity through finding their voice on social media, focusing on building a movement who are dedicated to promoting the rights of people living in refugee camps and who will passionately champion the cause and amplify the message. Without the resources to put a robust social media strategy together in house, Clowns Without Borders got in touch with Link UP!

The Solution

Connected with Marketing, Digital and Social Media expert Tracey, the project got off to a flying start and it was soon apparent that the work on an over-arching strategy would feed in nicely to Clowns Without Borders Christmas Fundraising Campaign.

The Result

As a result of the support of Tracey, Clowns Without Borders found themselves in a much better position across their social media channels. The support also had a tangible effect on fundraising, with the expectation that targets will be met and more on social media!

‘Tracey has been integral in helping us develop our social media strategy. Her insight and expertise has already increased our engagement on social media. We’re also confident we’ll go beyond the fundraising targets we’ve set for social this year. Tracey’s expertise and enthusiasm has given us a much need boost!’
Sam – Clowns Without Borders

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