Video Editor helps Showcase Community Theatre’s Work

The Organisation – Five Aside Theatre 

Five Aside Theatre partners with charities, arts organisations and community groups to devise performances addressing important issues in their communities. The Community Interest Company (CIC) also runs school holiday camps for children on free school meals and a training academy that uses multi-sports and theatre games to promote a healthy lifestyle and community cohesion. 

The Brief – To create engaging video content 

Five Aside Theatre came to Link UP London looking for help to produce a video for their website to showcase their work. The Merton-based organisation already had a series of video clips from a recent performance, but needed support to transform this content into a clip that could effectively promote the quality of Five Aside Theatre’s work in an engaging way. 

The Solution – Curating a project that works well for all parties 

When looking for a perfect match between a volunteer and organisation, Link UP prides itself on its ‘human-approach’, which is all about linking the needs of an organisation to the needs of a volunteer, as well as, of course, their professional experience. Skilled Volunteer, Jack had more than five years under his belt as a video editor and when he signed up with Link UP, he was hoping to find a project that would help to grow the reach and visibility of a charitable organisation which made him the perfect match for Five Aside Theatre’s project goals.  

The Result – Content with endless possibilities  

Jack spent approximately 20 hours over 4.5 months guiding Five Aside Theatre through the process of creating a clear brief, collating the content and editing the video which was able to communicate the creative services that this organisation is providing to the community. Not only has Five Aside Theatre been left with the final edit of the video they wanted, they also now have the tools to make the process of briefing an editor smoother and faster which will save valuable time and resources in the future.  

The video will improve the overall look and feel of Five Aside Theatre’s website and is set to appear on all its social channels. It will also be used to attract new partners and will be instrumental in explaining how their services are impacting the local people, increasing their fundraising capabilities as well. 

“We are incredibly grateful for the dedication and expertise of our Skilled Volunteer, Jack, who has brought our mission to life through his exceptional work. Thanks to his talent, we are able to provide a clear visual representation of our services to funders and supporters, allowing us to expand our reach and impact in the community. His contribution has been invaluable, and we are so fortunate to have had his support on this project.”
Mic, Five Aside Theatre

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