Use your skills to make a difference!

Most of want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves but a regular volunteering role doesn’t quite fit in with work, family and everything else. Don't worry, we're here to help!

We offer short-term, flexible volunteer projects that use your professional skills to make a meaningful difference in your community. Ranging from a few hours over a day, to 60 hours over 6 months, our projects are designed to fit into your busy schedule.

If you have expertise in areas like Marketing, HR, Graphic Design, PR, Accounting, Law, Photography or Writing, we can connect you with a Social Good Organisation (Charity, Social Enterprise, or Community Group) near where you live or work that could use your help.

What can volunteering do for me?

Why Skilled Volunteering?

Skilled Volunteering is a great way to contribute knowledge and expertise to your community. It helps you feel more purposeful, develop interests and leadership skills, and gain new friendships and networks and more. Our volunteers find working with our SGO partners to be an incredibly rewarding and valuable experience.

"I found the volunteering experience invaluable as not only was I able to provide my marketing and sponsorship skills to a worthwhile charity focusing on helping provide educational funding for young women and children, it also helped me find a new and exciting marketing manager position working within education."

Rob & Clothe Me - Thank You

“Working with Clothe Me - Thank You was a great opportunity to support the community using the spare time outside of my day job.”

Link UP Volunteer, Rob, brought his expertise directly from the PR industry and set about developing a summer campaign for Wandsworth charity Cloth Me-Thank You. This included media mapping, writing relevant articles and getting them published in appropriate places plus developing a PR plan. The content developed through the project will also be used on the organisation's Facebook and Twitter over several months as well as in a blog on their website. The PR support provided by Rob also served to train the wider Clothe Me – Thank You team in the various PR content they need to think about moving forward.

What do our volunteers say?

Volunteering is a proven way to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Our volunteers report increased confidence, improved self-worth, greater connection to others, and a feeling of giving back and contributing something valuable and bigger than themselves.

The effect of our projects

Important things to know about Skilled Volunteering

The Link UP Volunteer Journey

  • Projects are structured and time bound.
  • Time commitments vary according to the project, organisational need and volunteer availability.
  • All efforts will be made to ensure projects are a good fit for both the organisation and volunteer consultant.
  • All projects will be monitored and reviewed
  • We welcome anyone with a professional skill and a connection to Lambeth or Wandsworth to volunteer with us.