What Did We Learn in 2019?

What a year 2019 was. There was so much going on and while I’m not really one for New Year resolutions I find it useful to reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve overcome and where we are going.  

The Link UP team has worked diligently this past year to deliver to the communities we work in and create meaningful connections for individuals and organisations. Building an organisation is always a challenging experience, some things work and others don’t, and lots of learning goes on in the process! So here is some of what I’ve learned this past year:

Having an extremely qualified, competent, passionate team is a blessing. What a pleasure they’ve been to work with! 

Impressive people will volunteer their skills if you ask. The calibre of Link UP volunteers is pretty outstanding. 

People want to do something they can feel good about. Everyone volunteers for a different reason but getting involved and making a difference is a driving force.

Asking people to share their skills for a few hours can work as we learned from our first Flash Consulting in Lambeth.  

Human interaction remains important. In our technology driven world with everything happening online, people like to talk with other people and feel like there is someone real who cares on the other end of the phone.

Social good organisations within the communities of Wandsworth and Lambeth are a passionate bunch. They are tackling significant issues while constantly battling for funding. 

Women on a career break looking to re-engage with their skills are an incredibly talented and highly skilled group. It feels like each group that sits around the workshop table could run the world!

Managing committed volunteers can be tricky and something that we can all improve at as it’s sometimes a difficult balance to get it right even with the best of intentions.  

Finding businesses to partner with is hard work, even if we think we have something pretty amazing to offer them.  But you’ve got to keep trying … 

Link UP skilled volunteering is greatly rewarding as I learned myself through a project where I helped a small organisation doing impressive work in mental health with their volunteer strategy, policies and recruitment. 

Websites create headaches even with the best technology! 

Flexible work is possible! The team has dealt so well with my need to be flexible. They trust that I will still get everything done, even if I’m not always physically present and as work is heading this way anyway it has been great to put it into action.

Working in the Scratch Hub, a dynamic co-working space, is inspirational, with so many exciting initiatives springing up around us. There is lots of skill sharing that can happen here as well.

I could get a dog and bring it to work! [UPDATE FERUARY 2020 - PUPPY CODY IS NOW NEWEST MEMBER OF FAMILY!]

I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.  We’re excited about continuing to deepen our connections with the communities where we work and build on what we’ve started.  We have some new initiatives in the works too so keep a look out.   

We would absolutely love to hear from you.  We’re always happy to chat with anyone who would like to learn more or is interested in engaging with us. 

Happy 2020 everyone!